Dumplings – Gluten free, Lactose free and FODMAP friendly

 Savoury Gluten free Dumplings

It is almost winter here on Bruny Bruny Island Tasmania and its time for some great winter comfort food.  As the colder weather has been approaching my thoughts have been about dumplings, light, fluffy savoury dumplings like the ones my Nana used to make.  Hmm… how to go about this, can I make gluten free dumplings that won’t let the family recipe down.  Of course I will need to modify it, not just a change of flour, it is hard to get good suet so I will need to look for another ingredient!

Savoury Dumpling Gluten free
My sucessful Savoury Gluten Free Dumpling

A good stock is a must for this dish. The sky is over cast and there is a light drizzle of rain as I walk to the garden to pull up a few carrots, a small cabbage, celeriac and the last of the green beans  and pick a few spring onion tops, thyme, oregano, sage and bay leaves for the stock.

Back in the kitchen the I prepare my stock from the remains of a chicken roast, the last of our own home grown chickens from this seasons brood.

Chickens making compost
Some of my chickens making compost ready for spring.

A few of the vegetables to add to the finished stock, I will be leaving out the beetroot as it is not a FODMAP friendly vegetable.

Tuscan kale, heirloom carrots, zucchini and beetroot
Tuscan kale, heirloom carrots, zucchini and beetroot

To make the dumplings you will need 2 fresh eggs, 2 table spoons of Nutetlex or another gluten free vegetable spread, a few rashers of bacon, freshly chopped sage, thyme and chives. Add freshly ground pepper and sea or rock salt to taste and 150 grams of gluten free flour, I use a mixture of white, brown rice and tapioca flours with a level teaspoon of bi carb soda. 2 teaspoons of crushed sesame seeds can be added to the flour to help create a lower GI if you are diabetic.  I do not use baking powder as it has a lot of additives that don’t suit my dietary needs.

For the full recipe and method go Recipe pages
Place the flours in a mixing bowl and mix in the nutetlex until the mixture is crumbly as you would when making a pastry. Then add and mix through your chopped bacon and finely chopped herbs.  Add 2 whole fresh eggs and mix well, if the mixture is to dry add a small amount of water.  Allow to rest for 15 mins at room temperature then roll dessertspoon full of the mixture into balls (don’t make to balls to large as they will more than double their original size) add to simmering stew, place a lid on the saucepan and cook for 20 mins.

On the recipe pages I will post a vegetarian version of the stock and dumpling.

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