Creamy meat and vegetable soup: for the Low fodmap, diabetic, gluten and lactose intolerant diets.


beef stock vegetable soup



2 – 3 liters Meat stock from leftover roast with meat from the bones.
1 small celeriac and a few of the green tops.
2  -3 medium carrots.
1 red and 1 green capsicum (bell pepper).
2 long red chilli (if you like a bit of heat).
1 bunch spring onions, green tops only.
4 medium size tomatoes.
1 cup chopped pumpkin (do not use the butternut variety).
2 parsnips.
Any roast vegetables left of from your roast.
1 cup red adzuki beans.
1 teaspoon whole cumin seeds.
1 teaspoon ground rock or sea salt.
1 level teaspoon fresh ground black pepper.
1 sprig fresh lovage.
1 level teaspoon asafoetida.
1 heaped teaspoon turmeric.


In a clean dry pot sweat off  the green tops of spring onions in a table spoon of olive oil.
Add the chopped red and green capsicum and chopped chillies.
Continue to sweat these vegetables off then deglaze with the stock.
Add your chopped garden vegetables and remaining ingredients.
Bring to the boil, place lid on pot and simmer for 2 hours.

When the soup is cooked blend and serve hot with some gluten free focaccia.

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