Left-Overs; Pot-Roast Salad – suitable for the Low Fodmap, diabetic, lactose and gluten internet diets.

Left-Overs – Pot-Roast Salad.

Left-overs roast salad
Left-overs roast salad


1 cup pulled meat from lamb or goat pot-roast.
1 cup left-over roast pumpkin chopped into medium size pieces.
10 cherry tomatoes sliced into quarters.
1 small fresh Lebanese cucumber roughly chopped into medium size pieces.
1 stick of celeriac tops chopped into small pieces.
2 sprigs flat leave parsley roughly chopped.
6 stalks of fresh chives roughly chopped.
1/4 of a cup baby watercress tops.


Place all of your ingredients in a salad bowl and lightly toss.
Serve topped with the dressing of your choice.

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