Garlic in the Fodmap Diet

garlicFlavoured Oils have been around for millennia.

Cooks have been preparing flavoured oils for centuries in many countries including Italy and Greece. The ancient Egyptians used oils infused with spices and herbs to enhance the flavour of their foods, assist in the storage of harvested produce and to embalm (preserve) their dead.

I will cover some of the methods of infusing oils and vinegars through out this blog.
Todays post is about garlic.

The use of garlic flavour in foods can still be achieved!

Whilst eating whole garlic cloves, raw or cooked is not good for my gut, I have found that when cooked in oil and discarded before adding other food to the pot, or using garlic infused oil in my cooking, it adds the flavour without discomfort.  Oligos  are best avoided if you are following the Fodmap Diet and are contained in the flesh of the garlic and by infusing the cloves in oil and discarding the garlic before use, I avoid ingesting the Oligos.

I have an extensive vegetable garden and I prefer to make my own infused oils, I can choose the type and quality of oil to be used and I know that any herbs or garlic has been grown organically.

Pre infused garlic oil can be purchased commercially.

Note: *”When you introduce fresh or raw ingredients to an oil or vinegar, you run the risk of food-borne illness.  If the finished product is not carefully stored.  Although commercially prepared versions of flavoured oils are shelf stable, you should keep yours refrigerated, especially if you have used raw garlic or shallots, as those ingredients may be carrying Clostridium botulinum and the liquid provides the anaerobic environment necessary for its growth.”
*quote taken from The Art of Charcuterie by John Kowalski and The Culinary Institute of America

Discard preparation after 7 days or immediately if it has been left out of the fridge.

See method for garlic infused oil in recipe section of this blog.

Please note very important information
Infused garlic oil must be kept  continuously in the fridge and not allowed to reach room temperature .
Any unused oil must be discarded after 7 days as there is a possibility of botulism after this time.

Infused Garlic Oil


  • 1 whole garlic with cloves peeled and sliced
  • 400 mls good quality olive oil


  • place prepared garlic and olive oil into a clean glass jar and place lid firmly on the jar.
  • shake vigorously and place jar in fridge over night shaking occasionally.
  • the next day strain the oil and discard the garlic.

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  1. LFFL says:

    Oh how I love garlic in everything!


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