Cooking with Herbs for flavour and health

Part two: Rosemary, Rosmarinius officinalis

Rosemary is a member of the mint family. It is a versatile and essential herb for health and cooking. The leaves and flower petals are flavorsome and nutritious.
It has many healing properties including anti inflammatory anti bacterial and anti fungal.
It is said to improve ones memory and has been used in anti fungal and anti inflammatory ointments for millennia.
In cooking it is used in soups and stews, sausage making, stuffings and
seasoning for all meats fish and vegetables, sauces and sweet treats.
Rosmary has a strong flavor it is pungent and slightly bitter.
You can add a few sprigs to vinegar for a rosemary and mint sauce to go with lamb or add a few sprigs to an apple sauce to go with a pork or vegetable roast to help aid digestion of rich foods.

Rosemary and Mushroom Croquettes
Rosemary and Mushroom Croquettes

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