Garlic Infused Oil

Please note very important information
Infused garlic oil must be kept  continuously in the fridge and not allowed to reach room temperature .
Any unused oil must be discarded after 7 days as there is a possibility of botulism after this time.

Infused Garlic Oil


  • 1 whole garlic with cloves peeled and sliced
  • 400 mls good quality olive oil


  • place prepared garlic and olive oil into a clean glass jar and place lid firmly on the jar.
  • shake vigorously and place jar in fridge over night shaking occasionally.
  • the next day strain the oil and discard the garlic.

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  1. SrtaSoleada says:

    Oh my god, now I have a way to add the garlic taste back into my food. (I miss it). Thank you!


  2. Lisa G. says:

    I notice in other recipes for garlic oil that they leave the garlic in the oil. They say that the oil is only good 7-10 days. In your experience, does the oil remain usable longer if the garlic is removed as you do in the recipe above. If so, how long is it good for?


    1. Mhrylyn Hanson-Wallis van Dooren says:

      Hi Lisa,
      Apologies for a late reply.
      It is safer to remove the garlic as leaving it in increases the chance of botulism.
      You can infuse garlic cloves in vodka, leave them in the vodka and use small amounts of vodka at a time to flavour your cooking. The cooking process eliminates the alcohol.


  3. Annie says:

    Garlic infused vodka is a great idea, however, since the fructans are soluble in water, but not oil, the vodka will contain all the fructans, which is what we’re trying to avoid.

    For someone avoiding fructans, garlic infused vodka will contain fructans. Garlic infused oil will not.


    1. Mhrylyn Hanson-Wallis van Dooren says:

      I find that a teaspoon of vodka or vinegar infused with garlic adds a great garlic flavour and the fructans are so minimal that when used as a treat now and a gain in a dip it has no effect. A lot of people I know who are fructan sensitive have tried some of my recipes and all reported that there have been no issues.


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